How to Create Your Own RansomWare: 5 Easy Ways Tricks

 [How-to-Create-Your-Own-RansomWare How to Create Your Own RansomWare 5 Easy Ways Tricks[/caption]


How to Create Your Own RansomWare: 5 Easy Ways Tricks

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create your own ransomware.
Despite all the hype surrounding the ransom attack around the world in August, it seems that this deadly attack will not be alleviated any time soon. First, it was Diablo, then, then it turned into Peta and now it’s Delu.

Ransomware is a complex computer malware that can encrypt your files and render them useless. If its owners do not accept their demands. With the advent of technology, it has become a growing way for people to grab money. Ransomware has become even more infamous and can be used across all devices, not just your computers.

Mobile ransomware has also grown exponentially in recent times as more people store vital details on their phones and tablets.

Although an indestructible weapon in cybercrime, a notorious person, the release tool has already surpassed $ 5 billion so far in 2013. During the process of securing projects next to our clients, we learned that you can also create your own ransomware.

Since we work on developing custom applications, developers at Bluent have been fascinated by how ransomware has taken the world by storm. We already know that atrocities cannot be destroyed, but of course they can be prevented.

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