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Google search engine does not match the information search. There is nothing wrong with that. Various features have been added to this service of the giant company at different times. The latest addition to this is voice search. Now with the addition of this feature, the desired topic can be found not only by writing, but also by word of mouth. However, the task is not very easy. Therefore, how to find the information by voice search is highlighted in this tutorial. Then you have to open Google.

At the bottom, select the language of your choice from ' offered in:' and click on the microphone-like icon on the right side of the search box. Your desired information will appear immediately.

The importance of Bengali language is increasing for Google. To search for something in Bengali, even if you don't type now. Google search can be done using word of mouth or voice. Google has added voice search facility in Bengali. Google authorities said in a blog post on Monday.

Google's voice search feature is quite popular to get rid of the hassle of typing. The feature could be used in different languages ​​including English for so long. However, it did not have the advantage of using the Bengali language. Google has recently added 30 new languages ​​to the voice search option. Besides Bengal, there are various ancient languages ​​including Nepali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil. As a result, Google's voice search facility can be used by people in 119 languages ​​of the world. According to Google's blog post, updates on 30 new languages ​​for Google search will bring 100 million people under this facility.

However, the new languages ​​have not yet reached all users. According to Google, the facility will gradually reach all users. Voice commands will be added to other Google apps and services using new languages. As a result, the meaning of any word can be found in Google Translator with the help of voice command in Bengali.

With the help of Google Voice Search on Android smartphones, the necessary information can be found through voice commands without typing on the keyboard. Google says so, less type, more talk. Because, messages can be identified three times faster by speaking than by typing. Collected samples from local speakers to add 30 languages. Google has gradually improved machine learning.

Khan Mohammad Anwarus Salam, an advisor to GDG Bangla and a former engineering consultant at Google, said in an e-mail about the launch of Google's voice search service. As a result, users are able to speak Bengali in Google. This is a milestone for Bangladeshi users. Now Google search can be done using Bangla voice.

Download the 'Keyboard' app from the Play Store to enable voice typing on the keyboard. Select the language from there. Then turn on the microphone and talk. In case of voice search, launch the Google app and fix the language in the voice settings menu.

Last March, search giant Google launched the 'Knowledge Graph' facility in Bengali to find new information for the convenience of Bengali speakers. Knowledge search gives users the most information about objects, people and places. Through the Google Knowledge Graph, Google collects various information and displays it in a specific section, so that users can find the basic information through search.

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