Best Ways to Logout From Facebook - step by step

Logout From Facebook

Logout From Facebook

This Mrdeluofficial teaches you how to LogOut from Facebook and/or Messenger using a computer, phone, or tablet. If you forgot to log out of a public or shared computer, you can use the Facebook security settings to log out remotely. if you want to delete your entire Facebook account, see how to deactivate a Facebook account instead.

So friends first I will teach you how to logout from facebook in mobile. And I will show you about this with some complete images. So that you do not have to read any kind of problem. Then we start how to logout from Facebook account in mobile. 

Now I will show you how you can logout of Facebook via mobile very easily, in that context now if you notice the steps with the image you must be logged out of Facebook through your mobile.

How to Logout From Facebook in Mobile

1. Go to Facebook Apps.

2. After entering here click on the three pull marks in the top corner.

3. Then scroll down, see the logout option and click on it.

4. Now your job is to log out of Facebook.

Now you understand how to logout from Facebook using mobile apps. Hopefully the problem of logging out of your mobile apps has been solved. But notice below, I am forced to see many more steps so that you can solve the problem of logging out of Facebook through all these processes. So let's take a look at the steps below.

How to Log out of Facebook on Android

Here I will tell you how to log out of Facebook on Android. However, if you follow the steps below or follow the steps above mobile, you will be able to log out of Facebook on your Android. Even then, I repeated that step.

1. Go to or android app
2. After entering here click on the three pull marks in the top corner.
3. Then scroll down, see the logout option and click on it.
4. Now your job is to log out of Facebook.

If you follow only four steps here, you will be able to successfully log out from Facebook to Android.

Logout From Facebook on a Computer 

Here I will show you how to log out of Facebook using a computer. Then follow the steps.

1. Go to


2. Then you click on it to face down in the top corner.

3. Then you click on the log out option.

4. After clicking on the log out option, click on confirm.

Now your Facebook account has been logged out. And you are easily logged out of Facebook on the computer. It's very common for you. Below are a few more steps, you see.

How to Logout of Facebook on a Desktop Browser

2. In the top right corner, click on the inverted triangle.

3. A drop down menu will appear. At the very bottom of that menu you will see "Log Out".

4. Click "Log Out" and you're ready!

This way you can easily log out from Facebook to your desktop browser. Below I have shown how you can log out of your Facebook account from iPhone.

How to logout of Facebook from iPhone

1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone.

2. Click on the three lines in the bottom right corner. If you have an Android phone, these will be on the right.

Logout From Facebook

3. You will see a screen with your name at the top and various sections at the bottom.

4. Scroll all the way down, where you will see "Log Out".

5. Tap the "Log Out" icon. If you are sure you want to log out, you will be prompted for a notice. Click "Log Out" and you're good to go!

Confirm Logout

And if you click confirm logout here, your Facebook account will be logout from iPhone. All this I think is a very easy step for you.

How to Logout of Facebook on every Device 

you're logged in to

1. Go to Facebook in your browser and click on the inverted triangle in the top right corner.

2. Click on the tab that says "Settings".

3. You will be taken to a new page. On the left side of the screen, click on the section that says "Security and Login".

4. Under the "Where you logged in" section you will see all the devices you have logged in. (You may have to click "See more.")

5. Click "Log out all sessions" in the bottom right corner.

You. You will be prompted with a caution about logging out. Click "Log Out" and you're set.

How to Logout from Facebook Messenger App

Now I will teach you how to log out of Facebook Messenger apps. Notice the image below.

1. Open facebook mobile app.

2. Click on the Your "Profile icon"

3. Scroll on down and see "switch account" Now click on "switch account" button.

4. Then click on "add account" button . Now login other account .

That's all.. You are doing logout of facebook messenger apps

How to Delete Facebook Page on Mobile

Now I will show you how to delete a Facebook page through an image. If you notice this image, then you can easily delete the Facebook page. See below for all you need to do to delete the Facebook page

1. You go straight to the Facebook app or you enter any browser.

2. You can see a few icons in the button above, click on the three dot symbols there. Then you can see the image below.

3. Click on the text "Your 15 pages". ("Your 15 pages" will show the number if you have a lot of pages here. Otherwise, if you don't have a page, you can only see "Your Page".) After clicking, you will notice the image below. 

4. Select any page. And go to the dashboard. Then you will see that your page is gone. Now you notice the image below. Then you can see the three pull marks "More" go to this option.

5. Select the "More" option, then you will see a lot of settings options coming in front of you. Among them you find the "Edit Page" option.

6. Select the "Edit Page" option. Then you will be able to notice many settings again and you will have to find the option called "Remove Page".

7. Under the "Remove Pages" option, you can delete "Your Page Name" by clicking on it. Now you confirm with the password.

Then you can easily delete or remove your Facebook page. This was the process of deleting your Facebook page with your mobile. Now I will show you how to delete Facebook page with laptop or PC. And this process will seem easy to you. Because I will take you to the Simple Delete option. Where you can delete the Facebook page.

How to Delete a Page in Facebook

Now we will see how to delete Facebook page through image. Below I will show you step by step image what you need to do to delete Facebook page. So let's see how we can delete a Facebook page, we don't know the whole thing.

1. First we go to the Facebook dashboard, then we go to our page.

2. Click on the "Your Page" option, then select the page you want to delete or remove. Or enter that page.

3. After entering the page you click on the "More" option then you can see the options like the image below.

4. Select or click on the option named "Edit Tabs". Then that page will open. Then you click on the general option.

5. Click on the General option, then find the "Delete your page" in the settings option that you see in the image above.

6. Click on "Delete Your Page", then you can see the image below.

7. After clicking on it, you can see that the image above will look like this. Now you just select the Delete option. It will be quite. Then notice the images below.

You can delete the Facebook page by looking at all these images. Now you may have cleared how to delete Facebook page.

How to Hide a Facebook Page

Facebook pages don't always work. If you've got an old Facebook page that you don't want anyone to look up to, here's how you can publish your Facebook page for a while or delete it permanently.

You can do this in two ways. You can make your Facebook page unpublished so that it does not appear in searches or in someone's news feed. If you're sure you don't want to do anything with a page anymore, you can permanently delete your Facebook page as well.

Friends, now I will teach you how to hide your Facebook page. I will explain this to you clearly. So let's stick to hiding the Facebook page. I am now telling you step by step what you need to do to hide your Facebook page.

1. First you enter the Facebook page.
2. Then you go to the Facebook page settings.
3. Then you go to General Settings.
4. You will see unpublish settings there. Click on it.
5. Then click confirm.

Then your Facebook page will be hidden. No one else will find your page.
Now you understand that there is no such thing as hiding and deleting a Facebook page, right? In fact you can do all these settings easily. If you do not already have an idea, please subscribe to our website.

Another thing is when you go to delete your Facebook page, after completing all the processes, it will take 14 days to delete your Facebook page. This time is being taken from the Facebook community. So your page will be completely deleted after 14 days.

It will be deleted immediately but after 14 days you will never get a return to this page. Because this page was deleted from Facebook forever after 14 days. Hope you understand.

How to Post New Job on Facebook News Feed?

Friends, now I will tell you how to add a new job to the post news feed, and the job is very straightforward for you. I am teaching you a simple method that will work for you. 
For example, you made a post about a job, which you want to give in the news feed so that your visitors will increase more

Then how do you add a new job post in the news feed. Then you notice the image and understand how you do it. Then if you do not understand, then read the article.

1. First of all, you can work according to the image you are looking at. Otherwise you first want to share that post in the timeline or news feed. You go to that post.

2. Then you click the share button.

3. Then you can see some options, if you select it as you wish, your post will be published in the news feed.

4. However, you will post the only me option publicly. The post will be in front of all of you.

On this website you will find all kinds of income generating, science and technology tips and tricks and government job recruitment notifications in Bengali and English. So hopefully you will support this website. And share with friends. Although you may not have any interest in all these income, science and technology issues, but maybe all these tips and tricks of your friends are very useful to them. So share now without thinking. Thanks
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