Play 2048 Game Online

Play 2048 Game Online

2048 is a game that if you play it will not be difficult to understand how you feel about this game. The 2048 game is basically a puzzle meth game. Which can give you tremendous pleasure. At present, the 2046 game has gained a lot of popularity.

How to play 2048

Players must move numbered tiles to play 2048 and combine them to create a tile with the value of 2048. More tiles are added to each board each bar and only identical numbers can be combined. Once the board is full and no more tiles can be assembled, the game is over. However, skilled players who create a tile with a 2048 standard can play with a large number. Keep playing to develop your 2048 strategy; Our version of this game is not a 2048 cupcake!

Now Play 2048 Game Online

How will the 2048 game work?

Pretty intoxicating, huh? Embedded systems are almost as addictive as at least if you're [Andrew]. Armed with nucleus F4 and a Gameduino 2 ieldal (Pang intended), he tried to create an embedded version of the popular Tile Push web game.

If you are unfamiliar with the nucleo boards of ST Microelectronics, check out our post on the nucleo family from a few months ago. The Fem 800 GPU is powered by an EV-powered 4.3 Gemini 2 solder with touchscreen. [Andrew] wrote his own driver for it and his blog post goes into great detail about its programming model and its SPI writing, reading, and command functions. Full code available from [Andrew] 's repo.

He started by creating a blank screen based on the clues found in the Gameduino 2 source. Soon he presented a rectangle and then a complete 2048 board. A slight difference between [Andrew] 's creation and the original is that the web game sometimes creates "2" tiles when opening "4".

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