Free Differences Between Visa and Mastercard

Free Differences Between Visa and Mastercard 

Today I will give you free differences between visa and mastercard in a very easy way. So that you can easily buy and sell any product with all these differences between visa and mastercard. So let's talk about how we can get a free between MasterCard and Visa Card.

Friends, you all know that Nowadays we do not get differences between visa and mastercard for free in any way. In some cases we have to pay. And so if you can read today's article with a little effort, then maybe you can get your free differences between visa and mastercard. And below we will discuss how you can get MasterCard and Visa Card for free. At first we didn't know -

Between MasterCard and Visa Card

What is a Mastercard?

MasterCard is a medium through which we use to pay for the purchase or sale of a product online, is basically a virtual MasterCard. And because of this MasterCard we need to go to any country. We don't need to carry any kind of pocket money with us because of someone's virtual Mastercard. And with that comes the thought of stealing or robbery. So do you understand the basic requirements of MasterCard? Secondly, we do not know-

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Now we know Between MasterCard and Visa Card


How can we get MasterCard for free?

How to get a free MasterCard, which you can use for any kind of online transactions.Even if you do not have any bank accounts. You can load money in this account and use it anywhere you want so let's start 

First you will need "Freecharge App" You can download it from Play Store.Iit is a well-known app just download it and open the app first. You will have to register if you do not have an account and if you
have an can just "sign in" 

So I will show you how to register just go to the "Register" tab and register here just write down "Your Name" here the Mobile Number an Email ID is mandatory here. So I will put an Email ID here now click "Sign up"

Now you must have received an OTP on the number you provided just enter that OTP here click Confirm' Number. Okay now you have registered successfully with "FreeCharge" and these are the options available one more important thing is that after you have registered with free charge.

Free Charge will send you an email to confirm your email address just open that mail and click on verify email and now your Email ID will be verified and you can start using "Free charge" Normally ..

Now to get a free MasterCard you have to click on profile and click apply for virtual card now click set in pin. You can go for any four digit number like 1 2 3 4 same pin. okay. 

Now to view your card all you have to do is enter your "Mpin" and click
view card. so this is your card. So if you change your name from my account details like this Mrdelu Official.

Now you will see your name will be shown on the card so for any online transaction. You can use these details. You can see the 16 digit card number and the valid till date and the CVV number. So you can use this card anywhere for any kind of online transactions provided the balance you have in your freecharge account to load the balance in your freecharge account.  Now we know-

What is Visa Card?

Visa Card is a financial services company. Foster City, California is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Foster City, California. It facilitates the transfer of electronic funds around the world, usually via Visa-branded credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards.

And we also know that we need a Visa card. To give a little example, we need when we need more. And usually those who do freelancing understand the benefits first. Because they can get payment through it. And for those who think of publishing apps in the Play Store, but this Visa card is required.

How can we get Visa Card for free?

How to create your account the method is very simple and like all the other methods that I have shown you this Visa card. Also does not have any kind of yearly maintenance charge and there are no transaction charges. So keep reading at first. 

We need to open the Google Play Store or the App Store. If you are in iOS then search for "PayZapp App" . So this is the app and as you can see it comes from HDFC bank. So we need to install the app and I will show you the remaining process. So keep watching after installing the app. 

We need to open this is the first screen after you open the app. So if you are already having an account that is fine you just need to log in but we need to register here. So let's click on register in this screen I need to put my mobile number and if you are having a referral code you need to put it here I will put my referral code in the Article  below. 


So if you are registering with this app you can use my referral code that will help me. So now let's enter my mobile number and continue. We need to click on allow. let's click on OK.

Now allow and here the date of birth needs to be selected. Now you need to select a security question. So select any one question that you want and enter the answer for that selected question and finally now you have to enter a pin. The pin needs to be anywhere between four to twelve digits. 

So let's enter the pin. Now let's click on proceed click allow. So they have sent this OTP or MVC. Now let's click on complete registration. Now our account has been registered. Now we need to log in the in pin that we had entered during the registration needs to be entered here after entering the in pin. 

Let's click on login. If you are having a dual sim phone. It will ask you to select a sim in my case it should be the same one and you also need to select the number for the selected theme. Now you need to click on continue click on proceed. 

Now they are asking you to enter your pen details. If you are not having a pen you can enter the pen details of any of your family member but make sure that you have taken the permission of the pan card owner. You can also choose to skip this step but I will recommend that you proceed with this step and enter your pen details this will give you more features and flexibility. While operating this account or the virtual card. 

So we are going to proceed here. Let's click on proceed here you need to enter your pen number and here you need to enter the name of the pen owner and now finally you need to select the date of birth of the pen owner. Now let's click on I agree and then continue. 

So the pen verification process has been successfully completed. Let's click on OK now to get our virtual card. We need to click on this menu button that is on the top left of the screen and here you need to navigate to this PayZapp card and Let's click on this PayZapp card option. 

Differences between visa and mastercard without any verification without any address

Now I will tell you how to get differences between visa and mastercard without any verification without any address, I will give you a website on which you and I can easily buy any kind of MasterCard or Visa card without any verification. And with that you can use it for any purpose. Only according to your needs. First we will learn about this website and what benefits we can get here.

Where can I use Global Visa Cards virtual Mastercards ?

Our cards work just like any other Visa or MasterCard prepaid bank card and can be used to make prepaid credit payments to any website or online merchant, any web-based store and online store or services, in short, anywhere Accepted (e.g. PayPal, AlertPay, Google Play, VPN (Proxy), Domain Purchase, Hosting, Servers (VPS), Snapchat, Antivirus, Hotel, Flights and Trip Packages, Azotop, Ding, Gearbest, Etisb, , IBill, eBay, Efax, Freepik, Database mart, iTunes US, McAfee, MoneyBookers US, Google Checkout, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Dreamtime, SegPay, NameCheap, Load Godaddy, Gettysons, Thimphost, ND).

Then you understand that you can easily get all kinds of MasterCard, Visa cards and prepaid cards on this website, without any kind of verification.

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