The Zero Product Property ? step by step

Zero Product Property ? 

What is the zero product property?

The zero product property is an important algebraic property that you will need to know for solving quadratic equations. Knowing how to factor polynomials and how to factor quadratic equations is fine and dandy, but to really make the most of it and solve quadratic equations, you must know the zero product property.

👉Learn how to solve a quadratic equation using the zero product property. When a quadratic equation has been factored or is given in factored form, we can solve the quadratic equation by applying the zero product property. The zero product property states that if the product of two terms is zero, then either of the terms is zero or both of the terms are zero.

What is zero product property example?

The zero product property states that if a⋅b=0 then either a or b equal zero. This basic property helps us solve equations like (x+2)(x-5)=0.

other way:
The Zero Product Property. The Zero Product Property merely states that if ab=0 , then either a=0 or b=0 (or both). A product of things is zero if and on condition that one or a lot of of the factors is zero. this is often notably helpful once resolution quadratic equations .

Zero Product Property How to Use

Zero Product Property solve split factor and equal details.
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