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Many people asked me a question that how to earn money online in India? And my answer is yess of course you can make money online.

I know exactly what you want and what you searching for. In internet you will get more scamy information then genuine methods.
I make make sure that you will get onle genuine and working methods.

now a days everyone wish to earn money online in India without investing anything and that is possible I'm here just to show the direction of the different ways from their you can earn money online in India.

Due to lockdown in India many people are searching new opportunity to make online money. Now a days most of the people in India have smart phone with internet connection and that is sufficient to make money online in india.

if you are thinking to earn money using internet means first you need to understand basic about digital marketing.

Digital marketing:
Digital marketing is also a components of marketing that can be made by using internet or online.

Benefit of Digital marketing
1. You can use your own social media platform for promotion of your own products or services.
2. By digital marketing you can work from home and start earning
3. By digital marketing get instant publicity
4. Start with zero investment. 

In this article I'm going to show 15 perfect ways to make online money in India and you can also check advantages and disadvantages of a particular method of earning. believe me after reading this article you will be able to grow your business with zero investment

Top 15 ways to earn money online From India?

1.  Blogger
2.  Meesho
3.  Become freelancer
4.  voice-over artist
5.  Selling photos online
6.  app designer
7.  Being a Gigwalker
8.  By and sell domain names
9.  Online Ad Clicking Job
10. Start a product start up
11. Affiliate marketing
12. Swag Bucks
13. By youtube
14. Stock Market Trading
15. Consultant.

If you really interested towards earning great money means continue reading this and acquire knowledge to earn money online in India by following these simple ways Let's get deeper into this.


Blogging is not exactly a part-time job like you can start part-time but if you really want to earn money in blogging feild you have to really get into this. The only way to earn money from blogging in blog monetization. If you work properly it a easiest way to earn money if you are choice blogging only to earn money means it is the hardest thing. This is the most famous and most of the Indians use to make money online.

Different ways to earn money from blogging

 1. Goggle AdSense and there alternative:
 2. Affiliate marketing
 3. Product promotion
 4. Sponsorship


# you can start with zero investment
# you can earn money passively
# you can be your own boss
# you can select your interested niche and
   Start writing articles


# you have to invest more time
# you have to face no profit or no income
   Problem in beginning stage
# you have to be a attitude learner
# you have to be a hard worker


the fact remains that millions of people are using this app to run their own business and zero investment and people are making good money make of all the options that I'm sharing today me show is the only option which can make you go to money twenty thirty thousand rupees a month very easily right from the beginning you don't have to wait for too long you don't have to struggle too hard you just have to get on the app and start working this is a super flexible work you can do at your home and start earning

How to earn money from meesho

There is a straight forward work for meesho you need to share the product details and add a profit margin to it that all u need to do.
U need to follow these simple steps:
1. product catalog which you really really like just share the product catalog with the people that you know.
2. When people see that product ask price right then just go to the meesho app and check the original price. To the original meesho price you can add your own profit margin like 50,100 etc.
3. The the final step is to give the final price to a perspective buyer if the buyer satisfied the he or she will purchase that product and you will get your profit


# products of meesho are really good for sale
# earning process to litterly very easy
# service is really good


# Oginal meesho products rate is little bit more
# in meesho there is no guarantee or warranty on products
# you need to have a selling skills to make profit.


It is a very good opportunity to be a self employed but you have to be a action taker just go and sign up and start working there is no one is perfect in beginning but u can in fearture. Freelancer is a best carrier option if your are expert in any field. There are many people have money but they don't know how to do work hence they are ready to pay for your work.

Different works you can do on freelancer:
1. Content writing
2. Copywriter
3. web developer
4. Software developer
5. Digital marketer
6. Logo designer
6. Social media manger, and many more.....

# you can choose your work
# you can control your work load
# you can work according to your time schedule

# there Is no job security
# there is upto 50-60% projects are fake
# there is environment like office


n voice-over artist you just need to have really good speaking skills obviously you need to be able to speak with a lot of expressions and very importantly you need to know at least a few languages so that you have various options. 

To be a voice artists all you need to do is that you know you need to list yourself online so that people can actually approach you when they're looking for a voice artist and once you have a few recurring clients a few long-term clients that's a very good business option best thing again is that you can work from home you can work online and you can work at your own sweet time depending on your own schedules which is so great. 

# Reward on something u passion about
# if you a success in this field u can earn millions

# It requires more time to develop a carrier
# lack to steady predictable work


You can earn money by selling your own photos online isn't that awsome idea to earn money. This is the easiest to to earn money online in these method. To earn money by your own image you need to follow 3 things
Finding a niche, building an audience, create many strategy to sell them. 

Best platform to sell your photos online are:
 1. Shutter stock
 2. Istockphoto
 3. 500px prime
 4. Abode stock
 5. Getty images

# start with zero investment
# you can create own website and upload photos

# you have to use high quality picture with only dslr camera only. 
# you have to be regular


There are just about 5 million applications in both the Apple App store and the Google Play App store. On the off chance that you have an extraordinary issue to comprehend for a particular specialty, fabricating a portable application can be entirely beneficial. With more than 5 million applications, you have to do your exploration and truly comprehend both your intended interest group and the particular issue you are unraveling for them. At the present time the most downloaded paid applications incorporate Games, Health applications, Productivity apparatuses and other diversion applications. Many Indian students are interested in creating their own app and earn money from that. 

# you can develope app without coding
# you can develope app without paying anything
# you can increase the popularity of your brand
# you can promote your products

# app developing can be little bit complicated
# You have to spend a money on professional app building


Gigwalk is a freely upheld help that helps associations with various types of tasks that help them with making sense of how they're doing. It's an application that pays people to complete these duty regarding them. Anyone can apply to be a Gigwalker. You download the application, see a guide stacked with tasks in the territory rapidly around you and get the chance to work.

# flexiability on work
# unlimited options
# It is really safe and easy to use gigwalk

# soo many scammera
# excess work can cause feeling loneliness and isolation


Buying and selling domain names is a Bissnuss or an investment that hoping to get back
Buying and selling zone names can be useful when done right. There are stories that an individual buy an area in modest cost and following ten years he sold with 100times cash.

The chances of this episode to most is low yet there is still opportunities to acquire money buying and selling regions. especially since there are new Top level space enlargements like .travel, .genuine and hundreds more.

The best approach to buying and selling territories today is connected to knowing your claim to fame and what spaces may be worth more than others.

# you can increase value of domain by adding content
# you can have a collection of great domain names
# buyer can pay you huge money if he interested

#The fact is most of the most of this Bissnuss end up with some losses.
# you need to invest huge money
# you need to have a good market knowledge


This is the easiest way to earn instant money this can be done by 8 year old also. There is nothing to use your brain you need to just click on the ads or promotion thats all. This is super eay Wright.

Some best websites for online ads clicking job:
1: swagbucks
2: Paidverts
3: Clixsence
4: Rebel prize
5: Opinion world

# you can earn money by PTC (Paid to click)
# there is no complicated steps

# there is many scamy websites
# in this method there is a clicking fraud.


That is the most exquisite and productive technique for keeping up an online business.Nobody can tell how a startup can help in your turn of events.

You have to put forth a strong attempt to make a thing that customers need to buy. The whole method of starting a thing association, utilizing a gathering, selling the thing is very empowering.

There is a significant market in near and dear record space, you can start an association or blog to support propels people with low FICO appraisal, or outfitting a recognize limit to people for a high FICO rating.


# working with start-up will be with your passion
# it is flexible

# Risk
# you have to invest time


You can see ads on a particular websites or on social media if you click on that you will be redirect to another site if any person purchase that products then you will get a commission this is what affiliate market is if you want to be successful affiliate marketer you need to have minimum knowledge to selling products.

Different ways to earn money from affiliate marketing or promoting products

1. Developing applications
2. Paid marketing (not for beginners) 
3. Comparison websites
4. Coupan sites
5. Social network
6. Develope review websites


# Freedom and flexibility
# it is a long time and promising industry.
# You can earn high commissions
# Start with zero invcommissions make passive income.
# Absolutely low risk


# Take time to build trusttrust
# You need no invest time on traffic growth
# You don't control the experience
# you don't control product or service
# You have to chase advertiser.


SwagBucks is a genuine method to get guaranteed income every month I personally use this. If you are interested in doing surveys you make make more money approximately if you work for 1 hour daily means u get 200 swag points by this you can earn 2000 swag points in 10 days.
Let me explain how to earn money or voucher from swag points:
1.just go to swag bucks official website or app
2.sign up with gmail
3.start filling survey you make surveys that way you will get point.
5. That points can be transfer into payal or gift vouchers

# you can do when ever you are free
# you will get flipkart voucher and PayPal money

# you need to spend more time
# you need to be patient during surveys


I think all of you know about YouTube almost every one use YouTube as entertainment but some peoples talk advantage of the platform and come forward to give content or create video but before starting a YouTube channel you need to have a basic knowledge on particular niche.
I have already wrote a special article on how to earn money from FacebookInstagram, you can check out that for more information

# You can upload high quality videos to attract audience
# You can be a professional YouTuber and earn huge money
# You can earn money by promotions
# you can fulfill your hobbies.

# Depending on your niche you have to work soo hard to beat your Compitator
# you have to create your own content
# YouTube contains many rules and regulations
# you have to monetize your video to earn money from YouTube.


If you are searching for part time job is not for you.I suggest you have to be ready with full preparations before entering in the stock market trading field. You have to be very careful in todays economic environment in the world.the simple rule works for stock market is longer you stay with the stock market, the higher is your growth potential.
You have to take care of few things before starting stock market trading
1. It is a long term process it take at least 1 year to separate luck from skill
2. You have to wait for right to buy or sell stock
3. You have to be very specific and confidence on your predictions
4. You have to do perfect research before buying or selling stocks
5. Last but not least don't lose your patience


# really easy to invest
# there is no limit to reward
# stock invest help to keep pace with inflation
# there is no minimum amount required to enter stock market.
# no property tax to be paid


# high risk
# time consuming
# brokerage commission will kill the profit margin
# limited control
# small mistake can kill your all money


last but not the least the highest paying courier opportunity I can suggest is online consulting all in consultants can earn anything between 5000 rupees an hour to 50,000 rupees an hour.

I know people who are actually making that kind of money it's absolutely amazing.

the only thing with consulting. It's more for people who have some prior experience so obviously somebody's willing to be get that kind of money you need to have a very good knowledge about the market about your subjects about the things that you're talking about and you need to have some experience you know apart from knowledge

you also need to have experience so the thing with consultancy is that it's something where you sit down with a client and you tell them you share your expert knowledge on the subject and for most part of it again there is something which you can do online sometimes

you might have to travel but the money is absolutely incredible and if you're somebody is a lot of experience.

there's also the job of an image consultant where you actually get in touch with these high-profile clients and you tell them how to give them a makeover you teach them some manners table manners how to conduct themselves how to carry themselves stuff like that.

sometimes you might even want to go shopping with the clients it's a lot of fun depending on whatever area of expertise is so for somewhere to be an image consultant you can be a fashion designer makeup artist these are the things that you need to know but there are lots and lots of options again it comes to consulting and

you can definitely explore various options you can just go online check what works for your skill set and yeah go on with it.


# you will get a work on lot of different industries
# In future you can work with a bigger companies
# you can have a travel national or international to meet clients
# High compensation


# Demanding clients
# require hard work and expertise on a specific industry
# more stress and work load
# you need to invest money on developing your own skills by expertise.

This article is not sponsored the only intention is to help people who are thinking to make money online in India and in this article I'm not promoting a spefice site or an application I just want give you a quality content that help you.

Thank you♥️
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