Shakib was banned for a year in cricket

Shakib Al Hasan's ban was reported Tuesday evening.
  T20 and ODI captains did not delay in talking about the two-year ban.  He spoke at the BCB office around 9:30 pm.  Board President Nazmul Hasan Papan also made the statement.  He was shocked at the news.

 Shakib read the statement to the ICC and said, “I am really sorry for being banned from cricket for love.  But I accepted the penalty for hiding the offer of a match.  The ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit (Aksu) relies on players to fight corruption.  But in difficult times I could not do my duty. '

 The left-handed all-rounder said, "Like most players and fans around the world, I want the game to be free of corruption and I want to work with the ICE's ACU on education programs and make sure that no young player like me is made wrong."
 After all, Shakib has said, "I want the audience to be supportive of the cricketing side, to stay as you have supported me from the beginning."
 Nazmul Hasan said he is with Shakib and will stay.  "We are shocked (at the news of Shakib's ban), it is very shocking," he said.  There is no greater news than to be shocked. '
 Shakib's vacancy at this time was not enough to fill the vacancy of the board chief, "I have said many times, we have no alternative for the two players.  One is Mashrafe, another is Shakib.  I don't know if anyone will get their option.  He can't play, so we are shocked. '
 "We are going to play the first series in India, all the plans were made with Shakib," said Nazmul Hasan.  I did not express my anger, I got him in front. '
 However, he was happy about Shakib, explaining the reason for the board president, 'I want to tell everyone that I am happy that Shakib has accepted.  Of course, the biggest reason for being happy is that he has fully supported the anti-corruption unit. ”
 Shakib did not even know that the anti-corruption unit called, “We do not know anything.  They (anti-corruption units) are completely different.  They only met Shakib.  We just got to know the result.  Shakib said first after the strike two or three days ago.
 Nazmul Hasan wants to be with Shakib during this time, 'I think everyone should be with Shakib.  He had no reason to break down.  Will always be on the BCB side.  As a more powerful and intelligent cricketer, he hopes to return to cricket very soon.  We are hopeful that the ban will take Bangladesh's cricket back even further after the ban.  We respect the ICC's decision and we have a strong stand against corruption in cricket. "
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